Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers - Dat Dere (альбом This Here is Bobby Timmons)

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Composed by pianist Bobby Timmons for the 1960 album “This Here is Bobby Timmons” “Dat Dere” featured trumpet and sax solos. “Dat Dere” evokes the gospel soul-jazz style that made the pianist famous. Notable for his implementation of block chords, Timmons would become famous for collaborating with Chet Baker, in addition to Blakey.

It features a joint trumpet and tenor saxophone solo from measures 9 through 23. Then the saxophone takes its own solo from measures 34 through 59, sporting a D minor- B minor7 (b5)- E minor7 (b5) chord progression. At measure 59 the whole band joins in for a loud and proud "shout chorus". It takes the coda back to 18, and once measure 30 is finished, it is open to the whole band to solo individually.

Oscar Brown Jr. penned the lyrics later for the song's release on his 1961 début album Sin & Soul...and Then Some, as he did with two other recent jazz instrumentals, Mongo Santamaría's "Afro Blue", and Nat Adderley's "Work Song".[3] Brown's lyrics describe a child's curiosity and excitement on a visit to the zoo with his father, and the parent's reflections on the child's growing up.

Art Blakey, drums

Bobby Timmons, piano

Wayne Shorter, sax

Lee Morgan, trumpet

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